Weekend Getaway: The Beach


NEW YORK: Looking to get out of the City for a Saturday? New York has a few hidden beaches on the East side of The Bronx, just a quick cab ride away! A nice way to get a break from the chaotic city, and get a breathe of the fresh, crisp air. The best part about it, its FREE! The only cost is your transportation, which you can make very minimal by taking the red or green line subway all the way to the last stop and grabbing a five dollar cab from there.

Looking for a longer stay? Head up to Connecticut on the Metro North from Grand Central. Only takes a few hours and their are plenty of boutique hotels awaiting your arrival.

For all New York outsiders, take a look and see where your closest beach is. Im sure it will be worth the one or two hour drive. Pack a picnic and bring a book. Fun awaits! (Don’t miss your opportunity before the weather turns!) Don’t have the time to head to the beach, go out to your neighborhood park!

Have you taken a Saturday trip to the beach?


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