Weekend in the City: Central Park Stroll


A few of my family and friends came in last weekend and like usual, we spent way to much time deciding what to do. As all my guest have already seen the ‘tourist-y’ areas of New York, we thought it would be fun to explore Central Park given that the weather was so nice. Immediately turning to my trusty pal, Groupon, we found a cheap bike rental right place on Central Park South. Off we go! Next thing we know we traveled around the entire park. Up the east side, passing the boat pond where the small remote controlled boat races take place. Continuing past the Kennedy Reservoir and baseball diamonds packed with children. Next thing you know we are riding Central Park North, and down the Upper West Side, passing the pond with the row boats and eventually making our way to Columbus Cr where we completed our Central Park tour. After my guests getting a good feel for Central Park like they never had before they decided that on the next visit they would try the row boats!


Have you ever been rowing in Central Park?


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