Bonnaroo Headlining Hero Creates New Album, Jack Johnson


Jack Johnson’s new album entitled From Here to Now to You, is not surprisingly different from his past albums. With his light hearted lyrics and catchy tunes, Johnson produces music everyone can enjoy. Excellent background music at your next party!

Not only is Johnson wooing his fan base with this new album, he managed to save the hearts of many Bonnarooians this past Summer. When Mumford and Sons cancelled their headlining set last minute, Johnson came to the rescue. Having not performed with his band in over a year, Mumford fans quickly forgot the upset. You can safely say the entire festival was seen swaying back and forth to his upbeat tunes. Lucky for the crowd, he had a surprise in store. Not only did he make the audience laugh with a special ‘Bonnaroo” song, he played music off the new album that just released a few days ago. (Feel special Bonnarooians)

Here are a couple quick snapshots taken from this summers festival:


Being the first year I have attended, I highly recommend you make plans to attend in the near future. Although festivals like this can be a bit price-y, it is well worth your money. Some of the best times were had on the ride to and from, hanging out around the campsite, and people watching while running from show to show.

Whats your favorite Jack Johnson song? Are you a fan?

Have you attended Bonnaroo or any other like festivals? (Coachella, FireFly, etc.)


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