goodbye summer; hello fall


As we say goodbye to the summer, thoughts run through the mind of starting over, or new beginnings as we make our way into the Fall. May it be starting school again, updating your wardrobe to prepare for the season change, rearranging your desk, just something new. You begin to gander at the past and think about what the future will hold.

Whenever beginning a new chapter you never say, “I want to make this one worst than the last.” No, because that would be stupid. Instead one usually glances at the past and refer’s to what one liked in the last chapter. For example, “that trip I took to Italy.” It can even be something as simple as, “The bonfire with your friends.”

Preparing for the summer at the end of last spring, this is the process I went through. I wrote down everything I liked about the previous year. I found that the things I was writing down were the things that brought me the most happiness. Coming to that conclusion last Spring, I can successfully say that I have had the best Summer yet by focusing on what made me most happy. As I move into the Fall I once again write down my goals of things to accomplish, hoping that the next couple months will be as fulfilling as my last three. 

I recommend you do the same, next time you take a glance back at the past remembering the good times you had. Take a second to think about the ones that have yet to come.



What are somethings that make you most happy?


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